Circus Artist

About me


David Eisele is born and raised in Freiburg, near the black forest in south Germany. Watching circus shows in his youth was a strong artistic catalyst. It made him feel energetic and motivated for his own work to see performers who had reached a point where their body is powerful and at ease while executing very advanced skills. He wants to share this motivation with his audience and that is why he made circus his profession after 10 years of youth circus. In between as an additional experience and education, he took part in an intense theatre project called “TheaterTotal”. It is a one-year project which includes a tour and about 100 shows where he was part of the ensemble. The diabolo act  called “Senses”, is his graduation piece after a four year study at CODARTS circus arts in Rotterdam. He graduated from this circus school in summer 2018.

David Eisele is an energetic person with a very wide view on the art form he is part of. Circus gives him the opportunity to express his fantasies and gives him space to let his energy flow in a beautiful way. Researching the possibilities of combining and redefining his circus discipline, the diabolo, not just with other elements from circus, but with everything that occurs in his life as a circus artist. When David Eisele watched circus shows and acts in his youth, it always loaded him with vitality. It made him energetic and motivated for his own work later on. This feeling of motivation he would love to spread in his audience, while telling his story in a very own way.